EthERNet’s vision is to provide a highly interconnected and advanced network
of Ethiopian Research and Education institutions that enables institutions to actively
and effectively participate in the national, regional and global research and education

Currently EthERNet have connected 36 higher educations together.

In the future there is a plan to include 11 new universities, Black Lion and St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College.

Addis Ababa Institute of technology
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Adama Science and Technology University
Adigirat University
Ambo University
Aksum University
Arsi University
Arbaminch University
Assosa University
BahidDar University
Bulehora University
Civil Service University
Deberebirhan University
Deberemarkos University
Defence Engineering College
Debretabor University
Dire Dawa University
Dilla University
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture , Building and Constraction
Gonder University
Hawassa University
Haramaya University
Jijiga University
Jimma University
Mekele University
Metu University
Mizan Tepi University
Semera University
Wachamo University
Woldiya University
Wollo University
Wolkite University
Wolega University
Wolaita Sodo University
Kotebe Metropolitan University
Addis Ababa University