• A highly available Datacenter facility equipped with redundant power, air conditioning, fire protection and physical security systems

Capacity Building Programs

  • Providing training opportunities to build a better ICT talent eco-system
  • Arrange and coordinate to facilitate close interaction between academia and industry in the field of ICT
  •  Provide support to local ICT education, share knowledge and certification opportunities

Video Conference

  • Inter-University classes can be arranged and delivered centrally
  • Meeting and conferences between universities as well as from outside Ethiopia


  • A customizable e-library system for every University/E-book (pdf , Picture, Text, Doc, XML, PPT, HTML)
  • Multimedia (audio, video)

Technical support in all areas of ICT for all universities

  • Designing and recommending ICT solution for the new universities
  • Troubleshooting and improving systems in relatively older universitie

Hosting Services

  •  Providing the required resources to host Entrance and Exit exam.
  • For different applications as well

Besides enabling universities to share educational resources and collaborate both within Ethiopia and globally, there are also more projects undergoing.