R-Hackfest/Hackathon scheduled for May 26, 2023



Guideline / Structure:

Multidisciplinary group works on innovative solutions. A brief introduction into R-Hackathon provides the floor for the group work. Within a given time, R-Hackathon is framed by the steps: (1) Group Building, (2) Visualise Data, (3) Terms of Reference for a potential Project Proposal.


Visualise the given data of the 2018/19 Ethiopian Socioeconomic Survey (https://nadre.ethernet.edu.et/record/20551#.Y_NN57RByEu) Section 4: Time Use and
Labor (respective questionnaire on the same website: household survey p. 15) and find out something interesting in questionnaire about the transfer of the monthly payment (salaries), which needs to be explored further in-depth. Based on the findings draft either a presentation or the terms of reference for a potential call for proposals that your Team wants to explore more in- depth.


1. Express the relation of the selected variables (use R, Python or other coding language to visualise what should be presented and analysed).

2. Discuss the visualisation within your group in order to find common understanding for the variables, which should be presented.

3. Select one or two variables of specific interest.
4. Draft the Terms of Reference for a possible call for proposals for the chosen indicator in order

to solve the problem discovered.


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